The company commence full operation in 2016 with the incorporation of JizCom Limited. The firm has which has been operating since 2008 as Jiz Computing under the able leadership of the present Managing Director in person of Mr. Ugwuanyi, Joseph Izuchukwu for the past 8 years. The firm has grown in leads and bounds under his direction.

He has steered the firm and watched it expand over the years. Since 2012, it forayed into the business of Information Technology with the state-of-the-art infrastructure for the successful operation of same.

The firm has also employed the services of skilled personnel who contribute in driving the firm to even more lofty heights. It continues to undertake the training and development of her staff with the view to affecting the business positively.



To become the most referenced Institution in sphere of Web & App development, Designing, and Hosting. Bringing the reality and endless possibility of the digital world to you at ease.



Delivery of services tailored to meet customer needs applying the most robust and up-to-date technology, people, experience and skill and keeping with global best practices in the Information Technology Industry.



  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Service Excellence
  • Friendship
  • Team spirit
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Honesty



JizCom, Inc. provides variety of digital tools to promote business of all kind online and offline. These services provide the keystone of our business; they’ve empowered businesses of all kinds and levels ranging from beginners to entrepreneurs to cooperate businesses around the world to grow theirs’s. Our digital advertising (j-ads) which ranges from social media ads, display network ads, E-mail marketing to SMS marketing help businesses find and connect their potential customers. We also provide business owners and publishers an opportunity to own their own website for free that will help your business be more productive.



We build products and services that we hope would make the world of online business and entrepreneurship better -and therefore your experience of online and offline business better. With products like 5 Min Website Launch we want to make owning a website easier and faster for business owners and publishers. With service like J-Ads we want to help businesses and publishers find and connect to their potential customers.